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My artistic interests focus on human beings - their emotionality, inner world, reactions to external factors, ways of dealing with the surrounding reality and traumas, as well as the process of finding our place in society. I am fascinated by the human body interpreted as both a link and a barrier between the inner and outer worlds.


I work in the areas of symbolism and sensitivity. My goal is to provoke strong evocative emotions in the viewers, so that they empathise with the protagonists of my stories.


2018 - present: 
Photography, BA, ITF 
Silesian University in Opava

2016 - 2018 
Building preservation, MA, Faculty of Architecture, 
Wroclaw University of Technology

2016 - 2017 
Architecture, Faculty of Architecture,
University of Patras, Greece

2009 - 2014 
Architecture and Urban Planning BA, Faculty of Architecture,
Wroclaw University of Technology
group exhibitions:

2019 Roses bloom red
OD Dunaj, OFF Bratislava 2019 - dogmatiX, 
Bratislava (SK)

2019 Cotilions
Made in Opava, Historical Museum of Katowice, 
Katowice (PL)

2018 Roses bloom red,
Gallery under Theater, Month of Photography, 
Bratislava (SK)

books and zines:

2019 Roses bloom zine, with Krzysiek Orłowski


2018 How to disappear completely, -los magaznine, Berlin (G) 

2017 How to disappear completely,, (ENG)

2017 Greece,,(ENG)

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